Why does the staff ask for payment when I have medical aid coverage for emergencies?

Medical aid policies vary from patient to patient. You are still responsible for co-payments upon arrival at the emergency department. If you wish to self-pay, the registrations clerk will collect a deposit fee. If you pay cash, and then medical aid pays the full amount upon filing; Emergency Rooms 24 will refund you any overpayment.

What do I do if I need a specialist beyond the emergency room doctors?

We can refer you to a specialist at the time of discharge.

How can I speed up the registration process?

Just because the waiting room is empty, does not mean the emergency room is not busy. Not every patient brings family members with him or her. Many show up alone. Also, one or two serious injuries can tie up the entire staff. This could be the reason for your wait.

However you could also help us expedite the process by making sure you have the following requisite documents ready:

  1. Valid medical aid
  2. Identity document

May you also fill in your medical aid forms as quickly as you can completing all sections with the required details. We shall always endeavor to give you a prompt service on your arrival.

What medical aid does Emergency Rooms 24 accept?

Emergency Rooms 24 welcomes clients who are self paying or sponsored by their employer, as well as patients with private medical cover from all major medical aid companies.

Patients should always check with their medical aid company before embarking on any form of medical treatment.

For what part of my bill am I responsible?

You will be asked to pay your emergency room co-pay at the conclusion of your visit to Emergency Rooms 24. You will be responsible for the percentage of your emergency room bill required by your medical aid plan.

What if I have a billing question later?

At Emergency Rooms 24 we are always happy to address any billing concerns and provide ongoing support.

What types of payment does Emergency Rooms 24 accept for cash paying patients?

We accept cash and ZIMWSITCH cards only.

Please note, we currently do not accept travellers checks, personal/company cheques or credit cards such as Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover. Once these facilities become available you will be notified.